Size Guide

When determining what type and what size of art to display in a given area – we have a few recommendations that may help make the process easier.
  • Framed Prints and Acrylic Art are great choices for many areas. But, if the art location is near a window or other areas where glare from lights or reflections are a concern, then you may want to consider using some type of canvas art.  Canvas is also better in areas that have poor acoustics.
  • Once you determine the art location – size is the next big factor. Art that is too small will get lost in the space and look out of place.  Art that is too large will dominate the space.  We recommend you start with a tape measure to determine which of our standard sizes (width & height) will work best. 
    • If a tape measure alone does not help then we recommend either:
      • A) Use blue painters tape to measure the space on the wall – the tape “box” you place on the wall will give you a really good representation of how the art size will work in the space. 
      • B) Use a piece of cardboard or poster board – cut to the proper size – and hold it up or tape it to the wall to represent the art.  Either method will allow you to determine if the art size works well in the space. Adjust as needed until you’re happy with the results.
  • We offer standard sizes in the dimensions we produce most often for our Healthcare clients. But, we can always build art in custom sizes to fit your unique needs.  We can also offer Wall Graphics and additional substrates.  Let us know if you want us to develop a custom art plan by emailing Hannah Richards at:  Or call Hannah at: 859-331-1066 Ext. 5