Tax Exempt Customers

If your organization is tax exempt – you will need to set-up an account before completing an order – to allow us to designate you as “Tax Exempt.”

So – please follow these easy steps:

1) Go to "Log in" in the top right corner of the Home Page. Enter an account name and set-up a Password.

2) Once you’ve completed this step, email your Tax Exempt Form to: If the email or name on the account you set up differs from your email address. Be sure to give us the correct account name.

3) Taryn will set up the Tax Exempt Status for your account – which will allow you to place an order with no tax charged.

Note: once you’ve set up your account – feel free to browse our site and place items in your cart. Just don’t complete check-out. The items you select will remain in your cart and the purchase can be completed after we let you know the account has been updated as Tax Exempt.

We can also be reached during regular business hours at: 859-331-1066 Ext. 3